Thursday, January 1

What's the Buzz?

Slashfood: "Lobster Risotto - Feast Your Eyes"
No, that claw is not a scary Halloween trick. Look closer; it's actually a very tasty treat.

Because the price of lobster is so low right now -- almost half of what it was more than a year ago -- the bloggers over at REC(cession)IPES were able to add a little luxury to this simple, creamy risotto... (10/30/09)
Slashfood: "Loaded Latkes - Feast Your Eyes"
As we transition from summer to fall, it's the perfect time to pair prime vegetables from each season.

And these zucchini, potato and scallion pancakes from Rec(ession)ipes beautifully capture the colors of autumn, while sneaking in the last tastes of summer... (09/10/09)
Slashfood: "Stunning Sangria - Feast Your Eyes"
Times are tough, but that doesn't mean we should stop sipping on drinks like this stylish sangria. In fact, an uncomfortable economic climate might be just the reason to sit down with a lavish-looking cocktail or two... (08/06/09)
Slashfood: "Ginger Ice Cream - Feast Your Eyes"
Looking at this makes us want to dive headfirst into a vat of thick, luxurious ice cream and spend the entire summer there.

The idea of ice cream on its own is refreshing enough, but the idea of ginger ice cream -- presented here by the lovely duo behind Rec(ession)ipes -- is a particularly palate-cleansing one...(04/30/09)
BlissTree: "Blogsurfing Saturday with a NEW LOGO!!!"
Recessionipes used one of my favorite flavors, ginger, in an ice cream recipe she adapted from David Lebovitz. You have to love a blog where the bloggerista breaks the costs down for ya to per serving. Way to go! (04/29/09) "REC(ession) - a great website to help stretch your food budget"
"In today's economy, I don't think there is a website more relevant than this one when it comes to cooking. As you can see from the clever title, this site is all about creating recipes in this time of recession..." (04/20/09)
Blisstree: "Blogsurfing Saturday"
Rec(ession)ipes has a recipe for Asparagus, Bacon and Scallion Frittata that looks great. I like egg recipes..our chickens never seem to stop.(04/18/09)

Cookpad: "ラタトウィユ入りそば粉のクレープ"

ラタトウィユをクレープの中に?頭いいなあ、彼女!友達のサイト (04/18/09)
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